Enterprise Solutions

High availability, cost-efficiency and a distinct Service Orientation are some of the main ingredients of our Outsourcing Solutions. Benefit from our experience and our ongoing high Quality Levels. Service units highly visible by the markets, such as Telephone Exchange, Concierge Services and Reception more than ever serve as business cards of customer oriented organisations.


In addition to operating fully serviced and completely adapted Office- and Conference Facilities, YOUR OFFICE is providing high-quality and failsafe support for locations owned by its clients. Driving elements here are High Efficiency, High Service Levels and a comprehensive Service – Orientation.

Be it Telephoneservices, Reception and Concierge Service, YOUR OFFICE is offering overall Know-how and competent Counselling in the following areas:

Switchboard Operation

  • Outsourcing of Switchboard Operation and/or Telephone Systems
  • Professional handling of incoming calls
  • Failsafe staffing of telephone operators
  • Permanently trained multilingual and friendly operators
  • Managed-Service Principle/Pay per Call

Conferencing Services

  • Outsourcing of Conference Service & Management
  • Comprehensive management of Conference & Meeting Facilities
  • Infrastructure-, Supply- & Cost-Management
  • Booking-, Marketing- and Admin Services
  • Catering Coordination

Managed Frontdesk

  • Visitors- and deliveries desks
  • Security Service and Visitor Registration
  • Post- & Parcel Services, Telephone Switchboard
  • Service- and Infopoint, First Aid
  • Failsafe staffing with a high demand for top quality

Enterprise Assistance

  • Outsourcing of Secretary Work
  • Well-trained and multilingual Assistance Personnel
  • Admin/Correspondence/Filing/Meeting Services
  • Mail & Parcel Services
  • Official Channels, Messenger Services
  • Bookkeeping, Petty Cash Admin

Business Continuity Management

  • Desaster Recovery Services
  • Emergency Concepts
  • Failure-proof Operations
  • Provision of Failure-proof IT Services

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