Hybrid Offices are the Future

The discussion about the future of office solutions and workplace concepts has been going on for almost a year. Just as long as the pandemic, which brought this discussion to the fore. Some experts predicted an imminent reduction in office and commercial space. Just like a complete relocation of workplaces to the home office. This was followed by a discussion about the change in usage behavior and the new requirements for office properties, which should ultimately even lead to increased space requirements. However, this discussion is not that easy to deal with, since the decisive factors relating to office concepts of the future or the New Way of Work are much more complex. There is not just a black or white or a pure home office or classic office concept. The New Way of Work is diverse and in the future will always provide the modern workforce with the work environment that it needs at any given time. After partially returning from the home office, collaboration is therefore becoming increasingly hybrid. Therefore YOUR OFFICE is increasingly relying on the use of new technologies to support the collaboration of teams at different workplaces. At the Quartier Belvedere Central and Peak Vienna locations in Vienna, for example, 4K Video Conference & Collaboration Boards have recently come into use, which enable location-independent knowledge transfer, innovative team sessions with decentralized teams or high-quality remote presentations.

The Windows Collaboration Display from Sharp ensures better use of space and thus enables more productive collaboration in meetings, boardrooms and training rooms – on a screen diagonal of 176.6 cm. With a built-in, highly sensitive microphone, a 4K camera and an IoT sensor hub, the display meets Microsoft’s specifications and also works seamlessly with the best “Microsoft 365 collaboration tools”. Thanks to the comprehensive cloud support, optimal user-friendliness is guaranteed in order to enable a continuous analysis of the conditions and the use of conference rooms. In addition to the use of state-of-the-art room technology (including high-quality ventilation systems for up to 6x air renewal per hour), the unique room concept from YOUR OFFICE always provides the right working environment for any requirement. Collaboration zones, quiet areas, phone boothes and team workshop rooms support the modern approach of the New Way of Work. Office spaces that are fully flexible in terms of time and that can be scaled also enable a flowing up- and downsizing of the areas at any time – also depending on the constantly changing home office usage behavior.

This makes the management of future-oriented office locations with decentralized hybrid teams child’s play. Numerous premium services and exclusive lounges & collaboration zones make everyday work easier and offer the ideal basis to convince in the war for talents!



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