Lasting Coffee-Culture for the Demanding Connaisseur!

With switching to the local coffee supplier KANZI KAFFEE high quality coffee experience is available at all YOUR OFFICE locations.

The coffee-beans are processed the way Trieste roasteries do. In its own roastery in Vienna KANZI KAFFEE can meet each taste and mixture. Roasting coffee at optimal temperatures allowing the required roasting times is creating the rich taste and full potential of KANZI KAFFEE. When conventional industrial coffees are roasted for only 2 minutes, KANZI KAFFEE roasting lasts for 15 to 20 minutes. This way chlorgenacid is entirely eliminated and your coffee can be easily digested.

Big care is taken regarding the relationship with bean-producers. The owners of KANZI KAFFEE personally control the origin of the beans used and know exactly the conditions of production. Compensation to the farmers is made ways above world-market prices to ensure fair trade and sustainable farming.

So enjoy a brief break and have a drink at YOUR OFFICE. Our well-trained service team will pamper you with a piece of Viennese Coffee Culture in your office or meeting. Be it “Espresso Macchiato, Kleiner Brauner, Verlängerter Schwarzer oder Cappuccino “ – 14 types of coffee or tees make your workday more enjoyable – a productive pleasure!


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