Shared Use - Less Waste

Under the motto “Together. Sustainable. Economical.”, YOUR OFFICE is dedicated to the resource-efficient operation of its locations and the use of environmentally friendly operating materials. However, this is not about imposed obligations within the EU Taxonomy or applicable ESG requirements. Rather, the idea of environmentally friendly business conduct is part of our DNA, which is dedicated to the sharing economy business model of shared infrastructure and resources.

Our focus on regional products and short supply chains makes a significant contribution to the forward-looking, local Green Office concept as part of YOUR OFFICE’s “Austrian Working Spirit.” Thus, the ecologically sustainable management of Flex Office locations is a social obligation for YOUR OFFICE and offers long-term cost advantages for tenants, thanks to the promotion of smarter and more efficient technologies. The comprehensive conversion of all locations to LED lighting was initiated years ago, with the final fixtures being gradually replaced by 2024. Smart technologies for efficient ventilation, heating, and cooling of office units have been standard in newly constructed office properties (since 2000) at YOUR OFFICE. The waste management concept is evaluated semi-annually and optimized based on local conditions and possibilities. Beverages have been exclusively served in recyclable glass bottles or open glass containers for 25 years. In 2024, there will be a complete avoidance of plastic containers for operating and consumable goods, and wherever possible, the purchase of consumables will be exclusively in packaging units with a low or particularly economical proportion of packaging material.

However, sustainability begins for us already with the selection of suitable real estate for our locations. New projects are exclusively realized in Green or Blue Building certified commercial properties. After all, according to recent studies by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), buildings are responsible for nearly 30 percent of CO2 emissions through construction and use. A good reason to take a closer look at the selection of future office locations. But social responsibility is also highly valued at YOUR OFFICE. This includes not only compliance with local laws and regulations but also the creation of an environment of cultural diversity and respectful interaction. A key idea is to promote each individual employee and to transfer our jointly developed values to all employees and partners. Finally, responsibility for us does not end at our locations. To simplify collaboration with our external partners, YOUR OFFICE will also publish a completely revised Code of Conduct & Ethics this year, to which all suppliers and subcontractors will be obliged to adhere.

For maximum transparency, the first official sustainability report from YOUR OFFICE will provide all interested stakeholders, entirely without legal obligation and thus solely on a voluntary basis, with comprehensive insights into all ESG measures of YOUR OFFICE. Additionally, the report aims to facilitate the information and documentation requirements of our reporting tenants and customers, and to best satisfy the information needs related to urgent questions about climatic conditions.


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