This is probably a favorite item for many in the height of summer. In view of the rapidly increasing cyber threats, a well-secured network also ensures a worry-free vacation. The DACH region is currently the #1 target area for international hacker groups and is recording more ransomware and DDOS attacks than ever before. The greatest danger, in addition to the threat of a shutdown, is data theft.

The danger of trading in stolen data is often underestimated!

Apart from the associated effort with authorities, IT professionals and lawyers, there is a risk of high follow-up costs due to data misuse and associated claims from injured business partners or possible liability.

The hacker groups always use the same approach. After gaining access to their victims’ IT systems, they steal large data packets unnoticed and then encrypt the systems, often including the backups. The intruders use a wide variety of strategies and specifically identify weak points and gaps in their target companies. These often also affect the employees of the companies being attacked. Targeted phishing campaigns, malware that is introduced indirectly and dreaded data loggers open the door and lead to dangerous data leaks.

In return for a ransom payment, the data is offered to be decrypted and released. Much more dramatic in this context, however, is the blackmailing of the sale of the stolen data via the darknet. Many decision-makers are unaware that the hacker groups always come out on top. Even if the ransom is not paid, because in this case they resell the data to different groups of perpetrators for a multiple amount. Even information that appears insensitive at first glance can trigger massive claims for damages and liability claims and result in severe penalties from data protection authorities.

Comprehensive protection is therefore essential. YOUR OFFICE therefore not only has appropriate insurance cover but also comprehensive protection mechanisms such as EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response), cloud security, back-up concepts, cyber security training and phishing testing as well as a sophisticated virus and firewall solution.

Solid security is often associated with high costs. Therefore, YOUR OFFICE, in collaboration with its IT partner, has now developed a security upgrade package for its tenants that guarantees comprehensive protection of the Internet connection and the customer’s own network. This can be easily added to the free Shared Line or Dedicated Internet Service! The upgrade packages will be available from the beginning of September.


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