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Working at the office hotel (WFOH)

The Corona-related transfer of the workplace to the home office leads to new ideas in many places in order to make working in the new environment comfortable and practicable. In addition to multifunctional and ergonomic furnishing concepts for the home office and the digitisation wave, some other industries are also constantly looking for ideas for new sales markets. Under the abbreviation WFH (WFH – Work from Home), Work from Hotel is now also characterised by numerous media as a new trend.

If so, working directly from the professional office hotel (WFOH – Work from Office Hotel) is by far the more effective and efficient solution. Because only this will be able to meet the high demands for ergonomic workplaces as well as helpful and labour-facilitating office services.
After all, not every unused room is suitable for a comfortable and professional working environment. Or will there be a WFRS (Work from Retail Store) or WFFC (Work from Fitness Centre) soon? Quite apart from labour law regulations and occupational health recommendations for a health-promoting workplace, even in the home office, the bedroom would only be partially suitable as a creative place to work.
If you are looking for an inspiring and at the same time high-quality working environment on a flexible basis and cannot or do not want to convert your apartment into a full-time workplace, you still don’t have to stick your head in the sand. Serviced and Flex Office providers such as YOUR OFFICE offer comfortably equipped office suites, professional office services, state-of-the-art media & communication technology, including fail-safe and fast Internet connection, a wide range of food and delicious coffee specialties. Fully equipped individual offices are available from as little as EUR 37.-* per day and co-working facilities even from as little as EUR 10* per day. Both the office and meeting and conference rooms are bookable from as little as an hour and thus offer maximum flexibility.
The perfect solution for stressed home workers, modern labour hybrids, agile tiger teams, innovative project groups, or just temporary workplace requirements. Bookable from one day onwards and for up to 100 workplaces. Smart office environments for 1 to 100 workstations or office formats between 15 and 400 sqm with spacious and multifunctional shared spaces.
Professionalism and flexibility are the order of the day. So why would you go around the house instead of going direct!

*The prices quoted are exclusive of statutory value added tax and when booking on a monthly basis.


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