Corporate Co-Working

Home office and remote work have an enormous impact on the usage behavior and office space requirements of many companies. While some are downsizing their premises, others are implementing completely new room concepts. These often include interaction zones, business lounges or more distinctive meeting & collaboration areas. What many have in common, however, is a desk sharing model, since part of the workforce no longer spends the entire working week in the office.

However, such usage concepts need to be well managed. The lack of availability of workstations and workaround solutions in less comfortable meeting rooms quickly lead to dissatisfaction in the team and reduce the acceptance of desk-sharing models. When redesigning the office solutions, in addition to the workplace design, which should not only take into account ergonomic but above all social and atmospheric components, hospitality principles and a focus on multifunctional common areas also play an increasing role.

When returning to the office, socialization and networking play an important role for many employees. From an operational point of view, making the areas more flexible is often a core element. Serviced and flex office providers play an important role here. However, they not only ensure the flexibility of the temporal and spatial axis (keyword “scalability”), but also increasingly offer software-supported services for the management of desk sharing solutions.

YOUR OFFICE provides its tenants with a software platform for the uncomplicated management of shared desks and shared offices. The booking and management of hot desks, co-working spaces or meeting rooms is uncomplicated and convenient via a dedicated member portal or via the YOUR OFFICE app (available for Android and iOS). Not only can the available resources be booked through these, but also the required work equipment, catering or other useful services. This not only creates greater employee satisfaction but also ensures an increase in efficiency. Modern hybrid technology with large touch panels, highly sensitive sensors, whiteboard & collaboration functions and 4K video conferencing features ensure the connection between the two worlds or remote employees with colleagues in the office.


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