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How Corona is Affecting our Work Environment

The impact of Corona on our business live is manifold. No doubt there will be upcoming paradigm changes regarding the use of workspace. After crisis also means before crisis. The aftermath of the stepwise re-introduction of prevention-measures because of new tightening of restrictions will only show slowly. Numerous trade partners and countries will have to live with massive limitations such as partly closed borders for many months.

The impact on the world economies and the global value add chain will keep us busy for months. This will require more flexibility with respect to office-use, to react swiftly to instable and difficult to plan for environments. Positive experience with Home-Offices may partly lead to changed ways of use. Office space will be used increasingly as platforms for comprehensive exchange of information, as access to technology, show rooms, archives or socializing.

However, not all enterprises made positive experiences by using the Home Office Concept. Quite a few noticed a massive cut in productivity. Not all homes and the circumstances there allow concentrated work, not to mention technological or psychological shortcomings. The future will see more flexible use of well-equipped offices in balance with temporary Home Office work. Only this way the changing requirements in differing situations can be managed. Therefore we will have to deal with new requirements regarding room-concepts, scalability, duration of rental contracts, fail-proof services and critical infrastructure at times of crisis. Open-plan offices have to be adapted to new safety standards. Team Separation Offices can ensure fail-free office operation and a breaking of infection-chains. New hygienic standards and directives will require the adaption of processes and workflows.

Serviced Offices Users profited from these services even at the beginning of the Corona crisis. Their employees could be moved to Home Office almost without lead- time. Postal services, telephone exchange, facility services and tracking have been operated fail-safe by the YOUR OFFICE crew. Tenants with fully flexible contracts were able to switch temporary to Virtual Office Concepts, reducing their expenses substantially. YOUR OFFICE is the only business center offering daily terminable contracts, without any notice period.
In short: modern office concepts like Serviced & Flex Offices or Co-working will boom in the upcoming months and years to provide enterprises with the flexibility so badly needed.


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