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When looking for a new office location, nothing should be left to chance. In order to make the right choice, however, extensive know-how or an experienced consultant are required. So the location decision is sometimes still easy to make. The first impression of a property or the adjoining infrastructure can also be assessed relatively easily. Operating costs as well as the heat requirement and energy costs can also be calculated quickly using the relevant documentation and the energy certificate. However, many quality features cannot be assessed at first glance. Some of these features play a major role in future satisfaction with the rental property. All too often there is a rude awakening after moving in. On the one hand, this can have something to do with the standard of construction and the quality of the property and, on the other hand, it can be traced back to nasty passages and “small print” in the rental agreement. With Serviced & Flex Offices or Business Center Providers, there are particularly large differences in quality that require careful consideration. In any case, the following questions should be considered:

Contractual issues:

– Can the rental contract be renewed repeatedly and at the same conditions, or can it also be concluded for an indefinite period?

– How are price adjustments regulated in the terms and conditions and in the rental agreement or are these also linked to a comprehensible index (e.g. VPI)?

– Are there hidden costs or user-based flat rates (e.g. for internet use, kitchen / lounge use, additional employees, etc.)

– Is it a real all-in contract or are various services such as mail processing, internet or coffee billed separately?

– Can the offices be expanded and reduced flexibly at any time and, above all, on a daily cancelable basis in order to cover performance peaks or the project business?

Object quality checklist:

– Were the office walls implemented with a corresponding, increased sound insulation and thus guarantee sufficient discretion?

– Is there a professional and external lobby reception on the ground floor / entrance area and is it operated by the staff of the serviced office provider? Or is the lobby reception just manned by a porter or security service? Is the reception even hidden in the rental unit on one of the office floors?

– Is the property purely an office property with a corresponding security concept or is it a mixed use of office / residential / entertainment?

– Do the offices have fully openable windows?

– Is the internet connection highly available and adequately dimensioned (at least Gbit bandwidths)?

– Are there enough rentable parking spaces in the underground car park and corresponding visitor parking spaces available?

– Is there a bicycle garage?

– Can a sufficient exchange of air in office and meeting rooms be guaranteed and can the temperature in each room be individually regulated?

– Are terrace or outdoor areas available to all tenants?

– Are there sufficient meeting & conference room capacities, in different dimensions, provided at the location or are there only 1-2 meeting units

– Does the office furniture meet the ergonomic standard as well as the legal regulations for a permanent workplace (e.g. minimum width for desks of 160 cm, ideally 180 cm, office chairs with lumbar support, etc.)

This checklist does not claim to be complete and is only intended to provide a better understanding of the complex issues involved in the holistic assessment of office solutions. Our experts will be happy to assist you in comparing different serviced office solutions and advise you on the examination and design of the relevant service and rental contracts. In addition, we work with you to create a non-binding cost comparison between fully serviced, partially serviced and unserviced office solutions.

Just ask for our office experts and benefit from our decades of experience – we will be happy to advise you!


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