Hub & Spoke

The trend towards hybrid forms of work will continue unabated in 2022. The increasing degree of digitization and new habits in dealing with mobile technologies contribute to this development as well as time savings in travel times or the need for social exchange. Whether home office, co-working café, office hotel or airport lounge, the global range of flexible workplace solutions that can also be used spontaneously has grown massively in the past two years. The willingness of companies to allow their employees flexible forms of work, or at least to make them available to some extent, has also increased.

The past two years of the pandemic have certainly accelerated this trend. In principle, however, this development picked up speed almost 10 years ago. The offer is therefore diverse. Likewise, the qualitative differences in terms of the technologies provided and comfort. It also makes a difference how long, how frequently and for what purpose a decentralized and hybrid workplace is used. Co-working hubs or shared space providers have become increasingly specialized and offer the right environment for the respective purpose or individual needs. Whether start-up hub, multimedia café, industrial space, traveler lounge or corporate co-working space – there is now a suitable lid for every pot. And the offer is growing almost daily. According to an estimate by the platform, by 2024 the number of co-working spaces alone will grow to around 42,000 centers worldwide (2022: around 28,000).

One reason for this are other trends, such as the increased use of hub & spoke models. The term, which originally comes from the transport and logistics industry and is also used in information technology, describes a workplace concept with decentralized access to flexible workplaces. Under the motto “Work from Anywhere”, companies give their employees the freedom to work at the company headquarters, in the home office or in nearby co-working locations, either according to their preferences or according to certain requirements. Ideally, a dense network of co-working spaces is offered for this – also in suburban areas or in rural regions. Platform providers such as Desana or Deskpass already offer comprehensive concepts for corporate customers, with uncomplicated booking solutions for flexible workplaces for shared use (hot desks). 

YOUR OFFICE supports this global trend and offers worldwide access to high-quality equipped co-working & flex office locations with comprehensive services in its network and in cooperation with hub & spoke providers such as Desana. The focus is on ergonomically equipped workplaces with a sophisticated design. In addition, modern meeting and conference room solutions with contemporary technologies for hybrid work are available to users. Bookable at short notice and on an hourly basis. Available worldwide.


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